The Story of Us

My now fiance and I met back in 2011. By what I think was fate he was in my same french class, even though we were in different grades. He was a Junior and I was a sophomore. I would say I started everything and he kinda agrees with me lol I sent him a Facebook message in October 2011 and kept going ever since. The problem was that he was in a relationship, that didn’t last but he still never actually asked me out lol Through message it was all cool, but once we would talk in person I would freeze up and he would too. Finally after a lot of messaging and awkward talking, he asked me out on May 5, 2012. I will admit I was scared, he has been my only boyfriend, the moment he asked me out I thought to myself “How is a girlfriend supposed to act?” lol luckily everything has been amazing. Some fact that I find kind of cool is that our parents are from the same small city in mexico, and they lived and grew up in the same place and neer actually met! lol I know many think the same about their loved one, but to me he is the greatest guy out there. He is funny, smart, caring, responsible and loves me. I really believe he and I were meant for each other. We’ve had our fair share of little bumps along the road, the first time he left for  in (2013) BCT, then (2013/2014) AIT, and now kicking this Deployment’s butt (2015), but we have never had a single break. We are in this together and we will always find a way to get though whatever life has in store for us. He proposed to me on Nov 9, 2014 with a super romantic dinner cooked by him! Now we looking forward to starting a new chapter in our book, Our Wedding in Summer of 2016!


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