One Day Down, One Day Closer

To those that don’t know a milso is simple short for military significant other. When I first began dating my Fiance, Andres, we were both still in highschool. Our few first months consisted of hanging out because it was summer. Once school began again, my junior year, his senior year things began to change. When he joined the Army National Guard, I really had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen.

When he would talk to me about it he never mentioned ” Oh hey babe I leave right after I graduate highschool”, but then again I never knew to ask lol Things went from “A weekend a month” to ” oh yeah also 2 weeks for AT every summer” , to” BCT is X amount and AIT is right after and is x amount”. School seemed to fly by, once May came around and Between prom and graduation it was only a matter of weeks before he was gone. July 1st 2013, 8 am was the day we had to say our “see you laters”. Originally he was going to go to Oklahoma for BCT but it all changed last-minute and he was sent to South Carolina. I was crushed, he wasnt as close to home anymore. No phone calls, No texting, only letters for 3 months, its sucked!!!

Sadly I could not go see him graduate from Basic training, but after the 3 months were up, I got to see him in AIT which was only 3 hours away in San Antonio!!!!  At Fort Sam Houston, I got to visit him 3 times, then he surprised me out side of school right before Christmas! He was done in January 2014 and then life began to feel more normal.

Then in January 2015 he told me there was a possibility he might go away again. And he did, In April we started another journey lol Its hard not being able to see him, hug him or do simple stuff like hold his hand. We’ve been separated before but it really never gets easier. But its ok, I have to look at the positive side of things. I enjoy making him care packages, I treasure that phone call ,and I can’t wait until he’s home again. By the time he comes home, I will a lot of new recipes for him to try lol

Nobody ever tells the girl who is left behind how to deal with the separation, everyone always says “It will be okay” and it will. Knowing that at the end of this I get to have my man back home, knowing we get to have our second fist kiss again makes everyday he is gone worth it. Words can’t even explain just how happy and proud I am of him. He needs love and support and that is something I will never stop doing. I loved him long before the uniform, and I will love him long after. To those who are just starting or just need a word of encouragement, from a milso to another, It will be Okay, It will not be easy but trust me, seeing their smile again makes it all worth it. One day you’ll look back and smile at what you and your SO have gone through. Stay strong and remember One day down, one day closer.


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