19 and Engaged

When people hear that I am planning a wedding the first thing that they ask is, ” Wow, How old are you?”  ,”How do you know for sure he’s the one?” , and the one that makes me laugh is “Are you pregnant?”, No lol I am not. How do i Know he is the one, the truth is a simple I just do. He makes me happy, he loves me, he takes care of me, I don’t know what else I need but I really believe he is the one. He has been my one and only boyfriend, we are high school sweethearts, many believe we’re too young but I don’t believe so. Many relationships these days don’t last more than a week. We’ve had our time apart when he had to leave, we have had our happy as well as rough patches but we don’t give up on our relationship.

When people say, “Ya’ll are too young, people change”. Well yes people change, we’ve been together for 3 years and we’ve both changed. Marrying young in my opinion gives you a chance to grow up together, make up your own routine and customs instead of trying to merge them later on in life. When I say were getting married in a year, people immediately say “And you’re having kids right after right?”, Umm no, we don’t plan to, at least not for a couple more years. I guess that’s the one thing that annoys me the most. Yes, i love my soldier, yes i support him, yes we want kids, but I also want a career for myself. Everything will come at its right pace in the right moment. I will be 20 by the time I say I do and he will be 21. Like any other couple we are afraid of the unknown. No matter the age the future is always unknown and things do tend to happen. I do believe in “Happy ever after” but i am also realistic and i know that happily ever after comes with bumps and curves that must be faced together. So yes i am 19 years old and I am excitedly planning our weddingI have had people try to put me down, but also I’ve had a lot of support from people and that’s what has kept my spirit up. I will do what makes me happy.

Some find love later in life, some find it at a young age, whatever the case might be, it’s still love and age shouldn’t matter. If you’re happy, and he’s happy, forget what the world has to say. \(^_^)/


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