I do! Do I?

Hellooo!! Well I’ve been very busy planning our wedding but I’m happy to say its going there. Since my fiance is deployed, when somebody asks how is it going and if i “got this” my usual response is Yes I do, yet after a while i ask my self, Do I? lol With our wedding being about 6 months away, i went online like any other engaged woman and looked up a timeline. Oh gosh am I happy I did!!! In the past 3 weeks I’ve been making phone calls left and right and planning meetings with different vendors. Well what have I accomplished? Venue? YES….. Dress? YES….Invitations? YES….. Dj? YES….. Wedding Officiant? YES,,,, Photographer? YES….Food? Getting there lol

The invitations I chose for our wedding are very simple, they have  a picture of us with the word LOVE on it, the back side includes a lovely quote followed by the formal invitation for our guests to join us that February Day. I found some decor, candles, for our tables at IKEA. At this point I’ve gotten most of the basic stuff, and the rest will be done soon since my fiance will be coming home soon!!! How soon? I have no idea, but he said soon 🙂

My dress: To me my dress is absolutely perfect, yet im pretty sure every bride says that lol It is tightly fitted in a mermaid style. It starts with a sweetheart neckline and it tightly goes down accentuating my waist and curves. One it reaches a little past the knees it drops down into a big organza mermaid tail.The side of the dress has small silver flowers that add a nice touch but don’t take away from the tail. Overall I am very happy with it and cant wait to try it on again!!!

It is already August, and its hard to believe that in about 6 months I will be going from a Ms. to a Mrs!! I can’t wait to marry my best friend.



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