The Best Day Ever…So far

Well, Its been almost a month since we said “I do” and a lot has happened before and after our big day.

Let me start by talking about our big day! 🙂

February 14, 2016 came by so quick. The day at one point seemed so far away then all of a sudden it was the weekend of the wedding. Crazy?!? right! lol A lot of family started arriving Friday evening, meanwhile my groom and I were still out shopping for last minute stuff. By Friday morning I was freaking out, my flowers had not yet arrived!!!!! But they did arrive around 14:00. Saturday morning came around, since we decided to diy our own flower arrangements, we were up early and started to create our masterpieces. My aunt came all the way from Mexico and she was a total life saver! She is a party planner in Mexico and she helped us out immensely!

The next day it was a BUSY day! The groomsmen arrived at my house at 0730 sharp and were ready to pack everything into their cars. The morning flew by so quickly, from getting my hair done and makeup to being on the road to the venue. (venue was an hour away from my home). Once I got there I got to see my groom through the window and the butterflies in my belly became ecstatic! It wasn’t nerves exactly, it was more of an intense excitement! At 16:15 I began to walk down the isle and I married my best friend.

The night went on so perfectly, everything was just beautiful. Our wedding in my opinion was beautiful.I guess every bride thinks that of her day lol but I do  feel very lucky and blessed to have had married such an amazing guy. He worked so hard to give me the wedding of my dreams and everyday he proves what I have been knowing, he is the man of my dreams.  I am very happy at this point of my life, and I hope to write more now that my days are not as busy. I will also post a slideshow of some pictures of our big day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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