And then there were three…

I have big news!We are expecting!!!!!

As of yesterday I turned 28 weeks!!!!( Yes, I was 3 months pregnant at the time of our wedding.) I will backtrack and talk about my pregnancy up until this point.

We found out I was pregnant a few days before Christmas time. We had not been planning a child yet we also weren’t preventing it from happening. Once we found out, we had to tell our parents. I will admit I was scared for what they were going to say, the wedding was about 2 months away . Their reactions surprised us. They were not angry, or surprised, not even mad, they were elated!!! They explained that after us being together for about 4 years it was bound to happen and it was obvious we were not children anymore.

At around 8 weeks I had to rush into the E.R for some bleeding. I remember laying in the hospital bed waiting to see if my baby even had a heartbeat after the first ultrasound. So many things rushed through my head, all I wanted was my baby to be ok. After hours of waiting, literally, the doctor came in and told me my baby was fine, it was I who had an infection that needed to be put under control. At 12 weeks, a few days after our wedding, I had my first OB appointment and my husband and I got to see our little one on the screen.

Since then I feel very lucky and blessed to say I have had a very pleasant pregnancy. We are expecting a baby…..GIRL! My major symptoms have been a huge appetite, some mood swings but other than that nothing too bad. We are currently planning our baby shower for our princess who we have decided to name, Alexandra Brielle. I will admit as soon as we found out she was going to be a girl we went on a huge shopping spree. Lucky for us most of the stores were having huge spring sales so we got a lot of clothes for a pretty good deal. I am due at the end of August and honestly the days just seem to be flying by.

Pregnancy is so beautiful, the things one experiences as a woman are very unique. I remember trying to explain what her kicks felt like to my husband but I could not find the right words. We are beyond excited for her arrival and we pray to continue to have this pregnancy with little or no problems.  About 12 more weeks to go!! Good luck to all expecting mama’s out there and Baby Dust for those trying to conceive!

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