My labor & Delivery 😄

Well my daughter, Alexandra Brielle,is now 15 weeks old! She was born on August 25, 2016 and weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces. Motherhood has been amazing, nothing compares to the love and joy a child brings. My pregnancy was amazing, towards the end it was very painful to walk and just to do every day stuff. My doctor gave me option to Induce at 39 weeks and I took it. 

 I was sent to the hospital August 24th at 6 pm and my baby was born August 25th at 11:49 am. My labor and delivery were fairly quick. I actually went to the hospital with contractions but I could not feel them! Around 11pm I was hooked to the 2 iv bags you must have before your epidural can be given. My epidural was given to me around 3 am and still at this point I was having pretty strong contractions but even before the epidural I could not feel them. 

Around 7am my ob came to check on me and I was still around 6 cm dilated. I was stuck there for a while, finally I kept getting checked and around 11 things began to change. Around 11 am I began to feel my legs again, the nurse reassured me it was normal but I wasn’t too sure. She checked me at 11:30 and I was almost 8cm dilated. I told her I needed to push and they would say that I didn’t! lol Well to those that know and have given birth, you know if you need to push your body will do it automatically. I dilated so fast that the doctor had enough time to come in and gown up, 3 pushes and she was out. I did have an episiotomy but overall I would say my recovery post partum was not what I expected. 

Post partum in a way has been hard because I was not prepared to really see my body after pregnancy. I went from 137 to almost 180 i believe I got a lot of sttetch marks on my last month of pregnancy and I am currently going through the hairloss stage. Day after day I am learning to love my body once again. After all, it allowed me to carry my baby and now when I see my baby smile, I know everything was worth it. 

At 15 weeks my child is beginning to do so many things, for example today she giggled. That might not seem like alot to some but for my husband and I, we are dumbstruck lol My child had changed my life in such a positive way, I cant Imagine my life without her.


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