Marriage in my eyes

I have been married for 10 months today and I must say, I love being married.Its hard sometimes when you don’t look eye to eye lol Its a Rollercoaster ride with your best friend.

In my eyes this is how I see marriage. 

First of all both parties should be ready and willing to marry. If he is not ready or if she is not ready the “foundation” of the marriage will not be sturdy. Marriage is like a house that you build together. You must have a sturdy and strong foundation, build it well or it will collapse. Ultimatums and pressuring your partner to marry you will result in a weak foundation. Doubting your partner or putting them down will result in a weak foundation. Controlling them and putting yourself and your needs and wants without even considering them, will result in a weak foundation.  When you marry it’s not about giving it 50-50. No, marriage is giving it your all, 100-100. A marriage can’t work if there is not balance and equality in it. Getting married is not just about yourself. Marriage is not a piece of paper, it’s not a “status”.

Marriage is a promise to keep the love alive. Marriage is a promise to be with that person in the good and the bad. Marriage is not about you, or even him/her. It’s about the “us” that is created when you say “I do”. Marriage is not about the house, the proposal , the Big wedding or even the ring. Now a days you see people wanting to get married to “fit in” or show off. If that’s all you care about, you are in it for the wrong reasons.Marriage is about loving that person, marriage is sacrifice, marriage is happiness, marriage also has its tough times. Marriage is about learning how to overcome those obstacles, marriage is perseverance, marriage is unselfishness, marriage is like a house. 

Being a milso also adds a little to the word marriage. It means being there for your husband when he needs that support. It could mean writing him a letter, saying I love you, following him across the country or holding down the home while he is deployed.You must also not forget about yourself! Faith, love, communication, patience are key elements to a marriage.

 Everything happens at its own time, whenever two people are ready. When my now husband proposed I had just graduated high school  a few months earlier. I was ready, he was ready and we wed 2 years later. Now almost 5 years of being together, Married, with a child I feel like I am right where God wanted me to be. My marriage is in his hands. My marriage is not perfect lol We have petty fights, we have hard times but I’m happy to say the good had always outweighed the bad. I love my husband and I look forward to our life together. Marriage is such a big step in anyone’s life. First step in building your house, make sure they are the right one❤😄 


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